Palash Bitan
Palash Bitan
Ajodhya Pahar 18 km via Ajodhya hill road(40 min)

Charida: located in the foothills of Ajodhya in about 5 km from Bagmundih.A craft village and this place is famous for traditional mask making which are generally used in Chhou Dance.

Khairabera: An irrigation dam amidst hills and forest. Suitable for picnic and film shooting. 29 km from Balarampur.

Kukidam: A vast waterbody created in the river Rupai. An excellent place for film shooting 11 km from Jhalda town.
Winter creeps in to the tribal village of Murguma in the district of Purulia with mist morning, sunny days, crisp winter wind and dare stary nights.
The man made lake adjacent to the dam on the Saharjor River is surrounded by hillocks and moderately dense forest. Birds like cormorants inhabit the small island at the middle of the lake. The swiftly flowing Girgiri rivulet though the rocky terrain bordered with moderately dense forest is a reclusive place to spend some quite moments.
It is the perfect getaway for a day or two to an delicious encounter with bewitching natural beauty, vegetation, great weather, dancing rivulets, pristine landscape an old age tribal village.

Also Hudru Falls, Jonha Falls, Dassam Falls, Rajrappa Temple, Bamni Falls, Marble Rock Lake.
Palash Bitan
Go for a trek through jungle to a neighbouring tribal village or walk to hill top. After reaching the point sit and enjoy the surrounding greenery.
Just do nothing but sit and relax. You can have a bath in the lake but please make sure you know how to swim because the dam is really deep.
Palash Bitan