Palash Bitan
Palash Bitan
Nearest railway station Jhaldah, Muri , Purulia

12 km ride from Jhalda
50 km from Purulia sadar town
40 km from Muri railway station
350 km from Kolkata
70 km from Ranchi
75 km from Jamshedpur
Train Name From Station Departure Time To Station Arrival Time Distance
Satabdi Express Howrah 6:05 AM Muri 11:45 AM 40 KM
Roopashi Bangla Satragachi 6:25 AM Purulia 11:50 AM 45 KM
Howrah Ranchi intercity Howrah 3:10 PM Jhalda 21:18 PM 12 KM
Howrah – Chakrodharpur Howrah 11:05 PM Purulia 6:20 AM 45 KM
Howrah Hatia Express Howrah 10:10 PM Muri 5:10 AM 40 KM
Palash Bitan
Go for a trek through jungle to a neighbouring tribal village or walk to hill top. After reaching the point sit and enjoy the surrounding greenery.
Just do nothing but sit and relax. You can have a bath in the lake but please make sure you know how to swim because the dam is really deep.
Palash Bitan